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Managing Your Employee Benefits Just Got Easier...

Choice Benefits Marketplace brings together the powerful capabilities of technology to deliver a leading-edge private insurance exchange platform.


As an employer, the Choice Benefits Market solution allows you to offer a comprehensive benefits program while controlling costs and giving employees the education and resources to play an active role in managing their healthcare. In addition, a full array of standard reports are available to keep your organization in compliance with healthcare reform. And when the standard reports aren’t enough, on-demand custom reporting is available.


Your employees get the education and helpful decision support tools and resources to weigh options, calculate costs and select the combination of medical, ancillary and supplemental benefits to best fit their specific needs.


It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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The Marketplace

The Marketplace provides the greatest level of control to employers by offering a set of preferred vendors for each of the core and ancillary benefits. Employers offer a defined contribution for a predictable budget, and employees use that set dollar amount to purchase benefits from a select set of options based on family need. And, the same rules of eligibility and enrollment apply to all employees, regardless of where they fall on the company organization chart.



Fixed Insurance Company

Fixed Plans

Fixed Employer Contribution


Employees select from various levels of coverage from each preferred vendor based on their individual or family need.


A single source to manage medical, dental, vision, life and disability, voluntary, as well as COBRA, FSA, HSA and HRA integration


24/7/365, self-directed online employee enrollment through the portal’s personalized employee dashboard


Decision support tools such as plan recommendations, cost calculators and help videos  simplify the enrollment process


Simplified billing process and bill

reconciliation tools


Excellent HR compliance tools and support


Defined contribution




Ideal for businesses with

20+ Employees




Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration is similar to The Marketplace, but provides more choices for the employer on the front-end of the benefits process. Here, employers are not limited to a set of preferred vendors. In addition, the rules of eligibility and enrollment are more flexible, allowing employers to set different rules for various levels of management within the company. This solution also allows the employer to be compliant with healthcare reform reporting requirements.



Custom Insurance Companies

Custom Plans

Custom Employer Contribution


Employers have more flexibility up front and employees have more options from which to select their benefits.


All of the advantages of

The Marketplace




Ability to customize insurance companies, plans and employer contribution


Rules of eligibility and enrollment are more flexible


Healthcare reform reporting


Payroll interface (100+ employees)







Ideal for businesses with

50+ Employees





Integrated HR

Integrated HR takes employee benefits administration to the ultimate level by offering a single source solution for HR management, payroll and benefits administration. You and your employees gain the benefit of having one sophisticated, secure, integrated system for employee information, benefits enrollment and management. This solution also allows the employer to remain complaint with healthcare reform reporting requirements.




Fixed or Custom Insurance Companies

Fixed or Custom Plans

Fixed or Custom Employer Contribution


Employers gain payroll integration and more advanced HR management options while employees have the greatest flexibility in selecting benefits.


All of the advantages of

The Marketplace


Benefits Administration




Payroll integration


HR management system


Time and attendance (optional)


Applicant tracking and recruiting





Ideal for businesses with

100+ Employees




Features Matrix

Use this handy features matrix to compare the three Choice Benefits Marketplace options side-by-side.




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Choice Benefits Marketplace is a Murray Securus solution powered by PlanSource.

Features and benefits of the Choice Benefits Marketplace are subject to change. Policy issuance is subject to underwriting and is not guaranteed.